4-Everfresh, Inc. - Since 1998
We charge 50.00 to 60.00 per hour for the first 2 hrs with a 100.00 min.  After the first 2hrs, the charge goes down to 30.00 - 40.00 per hr. This is just for the first time cleaning. We will stay as long as we need to get everything done! From pulling out furniature to cleaning light fixtures to scrubbing mildew or mold in the shower with a toothbrush. After the first time we would just give you a flat rate. We do not supply any of the cleaning supplies but we do supply vacuums. We can send you a list of items that you would need to buy or we can purchase them for a 30.00 fee. The types of things we look at when giving the final flat rate price is: Animals, distance(how far from Clarkston), age of the home, how often you would require our services,sq footage,how many bathrooms and how many people are living in the home.

Once we put you on the schedule it is a set day and time. We will very rarely, if ever cancel. We do ask that you try to keep to the regular scheduled day and time as well. We ask that cancelations be made within a 48hrs or 25.00 fee will added to the next cleaning. If for any reason you need to change a cleaning due to a special event we ask that you just give us ample time to make arrangements in our scheule but usually we can meet your request!

Here is a list of things that we will do but are an extra. These cleaning tasks may or may not be able to be done on the first time cleaning, due to time.
1. Blinds (just dusting or dusting then cleaning)
2. Refrigerator cleaning
3. Oven cleaning

There isnt too much that we dont do here is a list:
1. Cleaning up after dog or cat accidents (litter boxes)
2. Upholstery cleaning
3. Laundry
4. Dishes
5. Organizing
6. Windows (Sliding glass doors and front glass doors ARE included)
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